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In an effort to address the multitude of towing industry concerns the Canadian Towing Association was established with a head office and staff working together with a Board of Directors to cover each area of the country. The Board of Directors are as follows with possible additions as the association grows:

West – Alberta & BC, Guy Huta, Edmonton 780-499-8236
Midwest – Saskatchewan & Manitoba, Nick Roscoe, Winnipeg 204-956-4665
Central – Joey Gagne, Ontario, Toronto 800-267-4594
Quebec – Mike Burstall, Quebec, Montreal 514-737-6696

The association is a registered NOT FOR PROFIT Corporation and all income is used to make improvements to the towing industry and manage the office.

It is Time for this industry to organize and take control of our future. It is Time to get active in establishing a presence and showing all levels of government in all Provinces we mean business. The important point is that we must collectively have a voice on the many issues we all face. Why do we allow governments and other outside influences determine our fate without our input?

In setting up the association we established a Canada Wide communication system province by province no matter how big or small. It is important to ensure everyone’s voice will be heard with more action and less bureaucracy. This is your national association and it will belong to you the members.

Government controls, bylaws and other initiatives are taking place all across this country with very little input from the towing industry. Abusive price, intolerable demands and abusive initiatives from government and others are placing consumer service at an all time low. Many of these initiatives are being put together by people that have little knowledge of this industry with no concern to the effects on the tow operator.

Pricing, incident management, collision response, axle weight limits on tow trucks, abandoned vehicles, how much profit we should make, and highway safety are all issues that affect us all. There have been changes made to Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia and more changes from other provinces. Be sure to check out the News and Views pages to see if your province has initiated changes. We must get the governments to listen to us!

There are also a number of good things that have happened such as the “Move-Over Laws”, Distinct Identifying Lights, Payment Guarantees, Special Axle Loading for Tow Trucks and other successes that have taken place in some provinces but should reach right across the country. There is a need to share our ideas and how we managed to make it happen.

The management and staff at CTA will continue to advocate for the industry and correct some of the wrongs inflicted on the industry as a whole. The industry needs Fair Value for the services provided.