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Associate Memberships and Vendor Benefit Program


The Canadian Towing Association is being formed as a Canada wide association for professional tow operators. The purpose of the Association is to promote consumer protection, lobby for consistent regulations from coast to coast provide upgraded business and driver skills, and improve industry reputation through cooperation while creating a career choice for many people.

The Canadian Towing Association clearly understands that consumer service is the number one issue that drives the reputation of any business. Professionalism and affordable service through lobbying and education is our mandate.

Annual Associate Memberships:

Annual Membership = $1,500.00 (Company name on website)

Founding members: In addition to Annual Associate Membership; (Note: To be classified as a founding member funding must be received no later than December 31st.)

Platinum Member = $10,000.00 or more (Company name listed on website a seat on the advisory committee.)1 year?

Diamond Member = $5,000.00 (Company name listed on website) and promotion to members

Gold Member = $3,000.00 (Company name listed on website) and promotion to members

We trust you will give this your utmost consideration and look forward to making an amazing difference to this vital industry.

Yours truly

Mike Burstall, Joey Gagne, Nick Roscoe, Guy Huta, Doug Nelson.